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I just got back from vacationing in Wildwood,NJ. The topic for Illustration Friday topic Suspend this week! Although I didn’t see any seagulls steal quite this much food I’m sure it has happened to someone at some point. This seagull loves to steal pizza!


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This week over @ Illustration Friday the topic was Refresh. This was the first time I saved an illustration as a .PNG which allows me to keep the transparency. You can’t tell too much because my websites background is white, but the border around the image is transparent. This guy is having a great time drinking out in the ocean in his inner tube, he had a hard week and he felt it was time to refresh… but we all know what happens when you drink and tube…

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I also used this post as an excuse to repost one of my favorite illustrations that I made last year. I noticed that the was quite a similarity between this one and the one I created today.
Anyway…hope you enjoy!

Do I really look like that?

Two self portraits I did today. The first one is on an old book cover. The second one was the sketch that made me decide to make the book cover portrait (It was originally just pen though, this is after I threw some color on it via Photoshop).

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Saint Stephen’s Day

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Acrylic and Sharpie on canvas

Today is Saint Stephen’s Day. Saint Stephen’s Day is a very strange holiday. In some parts of Ireland on the day after Christmas young boys will walk through the town with a stuffed/fake wren on a stick. In the past it would have been a dead wren on a stick, they would then go from house to house(while singing and dancing and just generally carrying on) and ask for a donation that they could use to help to bury the wren. The money that would be collected would then be used to continue partying that night or used to help fund a dance for the neighborhood. I only just recently read up about this holiday so I am not an authority on the specifics, but a dead wren seemed like a fun thing to paint at the time. Saint Stephen is the patron saint of stonemasons, coffin makers, horses, and also the patron saint of headache sufferers. So anyone who drank a little(or a lot) this past weekend and needs to make the hangover go away, he would be the guy to pray to if you believe in that kind of stuff.


The If word this week was “Sink”. I sketched up a man sinking in quicksand and ended up using that over on my other page(penandmarker.wordpress.com) where I draw an illustration every day for 365 days. I am just about to hit 100 drawings over on that site! You can check that drawing out here. The illustration ended up being a bit political just because I thought it fit the theme quite well. You can’t go anywhere these days without talk about the economy popping up, and that was the theme that I ran with for that illustration. For my illustration on this page I made something similar. For whatever reason I ended up changing the main person sinking from an old man into the Statue of Liberty. It doesn’t really mean anything, but I thought it would make a nice illustration. It’s a shame I don’t have an article to go along with it because I think it looks like something that would accompany an article in a magazine like the New Yorker, a weekly newspaper or something like that. Anyway, enough blabbing. Here it is:

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This Friday the topic from IF was Separated. I don’t know all that much about the military, but I immediately thought about all the soldiers that go overseas and are separated from their loved ones for long periods of time. I can’t imagine going through that, I would never want to be that far away from my wife. Anyway, I suppose this illustration is in tribute of all the soldiers that will be far away from their loved ones this holiday season.

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The end of summer

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The leaves are all falling off the trees and winter is just about to begin. I hate the winter, don’t get me wrong I love the holidays and all the festivity… I just freeze out in the cold.
Here is a small acrylic owl painting that I did, I tried to keep it very yellow and washed out looking because as summer fades away it takes all the color with it. I treated the acrylic like I would if I were using watercolor. When I see other peoples artwork I like to see the process. I figure it is only fair to do the same some of the time when I am posting my work. Here is the original sketch I did on the canvas after I filled in a background color:

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Going back even further, here is the drawing I did for my blog Penandmarker.wordpress.com which was when I came up with the original idea(at the time I wasn’t even thinking about turning it into a painting):


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